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        新聞來源: 發布時間:2020-02-18 10:03:00

        Production resumes at Bobst Shanghai following temporary preventive closure to minimize spread of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia across the country

        Following a recent precautionary pause in production, the management team of Bobst Shanghai Co., Ltd., EHS and HR have, as of February 12th, 2020, resumed operations after developing a comprehensive plan and task force to promote employee health and wellbeing, led by the general manager.The plan includes ensuring a smooth resumption of manufacturing, procurement and distribution, as well as a series of prevention and control, health and safety measures relating to plant disinfection, staff dining and transportation.

        • 嚴格遵守政府制定的方針政策與具體指示;

        • 在公司設置的專門檢查點;

        • 避免聚集和面對面的會議,以及任何其他形式的近距離接觸;

        • 佩戴口罩,并做到每日更換;

        • 注意個人衛生,特別是勤洗手,認真洗手;

        • 工廠全面消毒,特別是清潔公共區域與門把手等地方;

        • 及時報告任何有風險的狀況;

        • 同時,公司全體員工也將維持良好的健康狀態,適當的飲食、健康的運動與積極的心態,從而有效地幫助我們應對任何問題。

        Relevant departments of the Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park have approved Bobst Shanghai’s action following its commitment to strictly implement a range of  processes which will ensure consistent production and operation, while strengthening epidemic prevention and control. These include:
        • Strictly complying with any directions and instructions set by the government

        • Reinforcing all area check points set in relation to Bobst Shanghai that are fully compatible with government requirements 

        • Avoiding gatherings and face-to-face meetings, along with any other form of unnecessary close contact

        • Providing masks for employees which need to be changed every day

        • Encouraging the frequent and thorough washing of hands and other personal hygiene measures 

        • Ensuring site disinfection,in particular, the cleaning of shared spaces and doorknobs

        • Encouraging self-declaration by employees in case of any symptom or exposition to any risk

        • Constantly providing good health maintenance with proper meals, good exercise and a positive mindset to help combat the virus efficiently



        "We will continue our efforts to resume work in a safe manner for all our employees and customers,” said Cyril Ruiz-Moise, General Manager of Bobst Shanghai.“By observing the stringent requirements of epidemic prevention and control, we will also ensure the orderly progress of production and operation.We will provide customers with high-quality equipment and services as always, while continuing to provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment.”
        To ensure that the Sales and Service Department can serve customers anytime and anywhere, they will be available to provide online technical and product support.If you or your business have any questions or require further support, please contact your sales or service representative at 400 888 1221 and we will respond to you as soon as possible.